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- Superb technologies: It is a condensation of Golden Dragon light bus technologies in 20 years in every detail.
- Electrophoretic coating: Cathodic electrophoretic coating process is used for the whole vehicle. The sixth generation of PPG lead-free environmentally friendly anti-corrosion paint from the US is used to raise the overall beauty and durability of the body and keep it shining for over 10 years.
- Robust and safe: Application of specialized extra-thick steel plates of 1.2mm with independent body design makes whole vehicle more robust, safe and stylish in appearance.
- Elongated body: It takes the lead to elongate the body to make it more spacious. Flexible seat arrangement makes it suitable for passenger or freight use.
- Fuel economy: It is optional to use gasoline or diesel engines of different models to ensure sufficient power and fuel economy under different conditions.
- Reliable performances: It is strictly tested to ensure reliable operations. The systems have been optimized in accordance with large amount of bench and road test data to ensure reliable operation even in a poor working environment.
- Extended body with extra space
- Available in both petrol /Diesel Engines
- Flexible seat layout  - 2 to 5 Seats

Specifications :

  • Model : XML6532 - Cargo Delivery Van
  • Dimension (LxWxH)mm : 4980 × 1700 × 1980
  • Wheel Base : 2590mm
  • Seats : 2 - 5
  • Aircondition : Both Front & Rear
  • Audio : FM/AM Radio with Mp3 Player
  • Engine : 4JB1 Petrol Engine ISUZU Technology
  • Max Power : 57KW
  • Displacement : 2.771Liter

Available in :

  • UAE and GCC
  • Tanzania
  • Kenya
  • Malawi
  • Ethiopia